How SEI Family Office Services Built an Exclusive Family Office Event Rooted in Connection and Collaboration

Oct 18, 2022

Everything you need to know about IMMERSION: SEI’s Archway PlatformSM User Conference

When we ask our clients what would help them become even more successful, we get plenty of answers: Specialized functionality, new reports, more hours in the day. But time and time again, the answer that we hear most often—the one that is echoed over and over by family offices, regardless of location, size, or tenure—is the opportunity to connect with other family offices.

And so, nearly a decade ago, the IMMERSION User Conference was born.

Let’s take a look at the history of IMMERSION: What it is, where it happens, who attends, and why it’s become a mainstay in the SEI Family Office Services training program.


The IMMERSION User Conference is a multi-day training and networking event hosted by SEI Family Office Services. We invite our family clients from across the globe to join us for a three day immersive experience (see what we did there?), where they’re given the opportunity to:

  • Receive firsthand training from our team of experts
  • Preview new Archway Platform enhancements
  • Join roundtables discussing family office best practices
  • Hear from strategic partners about additional family office solutions
  • Build their network of family office professionals

While at IMMERSION, attendees can choose from a menu of expertly curated, CPE-accredited sessions. Focusing on key functional areas of our family office software platform, these sessions deliver best practices, tips, and tricks in areas like troubleshooting system issues, completing reconciliations, managing accounts payable, tracking alternative investments, measuring performance, and producing family office reporting.

In 2016, we introduced our first-ever New User Workshop, giving new clients the opportunity to get up to speed prior to the more advanced sessions at the main conference. Not surprisingly, the New User Workshop has become a cornerstone of our event and has expanded to include not only new users, but existing users simply looking for a refresher on Archway Platform blocking and tackling.

Where does IMMERSION take place?

Since the inaugural IMMERSION was hosted in our hometown of Indianapolis, IN, in 2014, we’ve had the chance to collect plenty of feedback over the course of several events, allowing us to evolve the format of the event, the topics we cover, how we deliver the content, and even where we host the conference.

Following our first IMMERSION User Conference, we decided that we would alternate between the large global conference in even-numbered years and smaller, regional user conferences in odd-numbered years.

We followed this cadence through 2019, hosting two additional IMMERSION User Conferences in Indianapolis and a dozen regional user conferences across the country, from New York to Dallas to San Francisco—and many more in between.

But like most firms, SEI Family Office Services took IMMERSION virtual in 2020 and 2021 as we adjusted to the world around us. Broadcasting live from a pop-up studio in our Indianapolis office and powered by a newsroom-worthy studio crew, we were able to carry on the IMMERSION tradition despite the obstacles that inherently come with transitioning a typically in-person event to being fully online.

And now, in October 2022, we are back in-person and we’ve moved. This year, our global conference is being hosted in Austin, TX.

Who goes to IMMERSION?

IMMERSION is an exclusive, invitation-only event for our family office and private wealth clients. By bringing together a group of family office professional that all share a common usage of the Archway Platform, we create an intimate, secure environment where users can connect, share ideas, collaborate, and learn together.

Today, IMMERSION has become a core tenant of the SEI Family Office Services training program. Outside of its discernible popularity amongst clients, the event has grown be so much more than a training exercise for users.

IMMERSION is an opportunity for our team to connect with one another, to put faces to names, and build lasting relationships with our clients. Sure, we spend a lot of time talking about partnership accounting, performance validation, and data management.

But we spend an equal amount of time talking about the things that happen in our lives outside of the four walls we work within. IMMERSION is about discovery and learning and bringing people together: Some of the most human elements we all possess.

After 20 years working with family offices, the team at SEI Family Office Services understands how critical your technology partner—and the people who comprise it—is to your success. Which is why we invite our clients to come together for a day—or three—every year so that we can continue to grow together.

Discover the many ways SEI Family Office Services connects with our family office clients through education, support, and training in our mini ebook, Our Commitment to Exceptional Client Service.

Eric Sampson


Eric Sampson
Relationship Manager – SEI Family Office Services

Eric is a Relationship Manager within SEI's Family Office Services team where he serves as a client advocate and partner. Prior to joining the Relationship Management team, Eric led the Archway Platform℠ Training team with a primary focus on helping clients maximize their usage of the Archway Platform for their investment and accounting operations. In this role, he manages the creation and maintenance of product documentation, curates educational content for system users, provides customized training opportunities through user conferences and private consultations and oversees the communication of enhancements to the Archway Platform. Prior to joining the Training team, Eric managed the SEI Family Office Services Client Relations team, where he oversaw the transition of dozens of clients from implementation to client support and assisted hundreds of users with operating the Archway Platform. Additionally, he was instrumental in launching the firm’s Personal Expense Management Service.

Eric received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the Lacy School of Business at Butler University. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time on the lake, watching Butler basketball, exploring new breweries and spending time with his dogs, Huck and Finn.


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Eric Sampson

Eric Sampson

Relationship Manager
SEI Family Office Services