6 Ways to Build a Net Worth Report for Your Family Office Clients

May 26, 2022

How Family Offices Can Prepare a Holistic View of High-Net-Worth Client Wealth

How often have you been asked by your client, “How much am I worth?”

And when you’re asked, how much time does your family office spend stitching together the financial information needed to give an answer? Better yet, are you even able to answer the question with confidence at all?

Although it’s a simple enough request, an accurate answer can be incredibly nuanced—especially if the required data resides across systems, spreadsheets, and statements.

To that end, it should come as no surprise that comprehensive net worth reporting is one of the most sought after capabilities among family offices and their end-clients during the family office software evaluation process.

While the fabric of these reports can vary greatly, we’ve compiled a list of six ways family offices can illustrate client net worth.

By activity

Show how your client’s net worth has changed across a period by using beginning and ending market values based on purchases, transfers, gains/losses, dividends, interest, fees, and other cash flows like contributions/withdrawals, private equity distributions, or fund redemptions.

By entity ownership

Display net worth based on your client’s direct and indirect exposure to various legal entities within the family office, including their personal accounts, trusts, and holding companies as well as multi-ownership vehicles like family limited partnerships and private funds.

By holdings

Provide net worth detail across individual assets, such as securities, commodities, private equity investments, hedge fund subscriptions, cryptocurrency, bonds, mutual fund shares, real estate, land/property, oil/mineral tracts, collectibles, and other personal assets.

By asset allocation

Summarize a client’s net worth for quick analysis using common categories, like asset type or sector, to group holdings—or use more specialized groupings, like Sustainable Development Goals, ESG ratings, or investment risk.

By portfolio allocation

Break down net worth by specific portfolios, which can include bank, custodial or brokerage accounts, alternative investment portfolios and personal assets, or group portfolios together by account type, strategy or manager to help build context for additional types of reports like performance and attribution reporting.

By region

Show clients the geographic spread of their net worth across continents, regions and countries to create a better gauge of risk due to environmental, social, and governance influences.

Start building unique net worth reports for your clients.

SEI’s Archway PlatformSM is leveraged by hundreds of family offices and advisors to wealthy families to deliver comprehensive net worth reporting. Over the course of 20 years, we have built out the platform’s report library to include a wide array of reports ranging from traditional financial statements to asset allocation, activity, holdings, performance, risk, and alternative asset-specific reporting.

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For example, family office staff can quickly and efficiently prepare a Net Worth Summary report, pictured below, using one of 200+ standard reports that are available to Archway Platform users through the application’s reporting tools.

Net Worth Summary Sample_Disclaimer

Users can customize the dashboard-style report to incorporate up to six data inserts, from activity, portfolio breakdown and overall performance to asset allocation, geographic exposure and ownership distribution.

To learn more about the Archway Platform’s reporting capabilities, schedule a call with a member of our team for a personalized tour of the application and its full suite of reports.

Eric Sampson


Eric Sampson
Archway PlatformSM Experience Specialist – SEI Family Office Services

Eric leads the SEI Family Office Services Training team with a primary focus on helping clients maximize their usage of the Archway Platform℠ for their investment and accounting operations. In this role, he manages the creation and maintenance of product documentation, curates educational content for system users, provides customized training opportunities through user conferences and private consultations and oversees the communication of enhancements to the Archway Platform. Prior to joining the Training team, Eric managed the SEI Family Office Services Client Relations team, where he oversaw the transition of dozens of clients from implementation to client support and assisted hundreds of users with operating the Archway Platform. Additionally, he was instrumental in launching the firm’s Personal Expense Management Service.

Eric received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the Lacy School of Business at Butler University. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time on the lake, watching Butler basketball, exploring new breweries and spending time with his dogs, Huck and Finn.


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Eric Sampson

Eric Sampson

Archway PlatformSM Experience Specialist
SEI Family Office Services