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7 Key Elements to a Successful Family Office Technology Implementation

How to Prepare Your Family Office for a Technology Implementation Project

If you’ve ever participated in a technology selection for a family office, you likely know that the process requires a great deal of attention and effort. After all, the decision made by you and your team will have effects across the board – on your in-house accounting and tax professionals, on your investment and reporting teams and even on the family members themselves.

So what can you do to help your team successfully implement your chosen technology solution and, in turn, create efficiencies for the entire team?

To be honest, that’s a loaded question. A lot goes into planning and executing a technology implementation.

By addressing these

7 key decisions

upfront, you can help ease the transition to a new technology solution.

Fundamentally, you will need (1) a strong project leader, (2) a practical timeline and (3) a defined budget. From there, you need to pick (4) the right tools and (5) the right people, make sure you’ve (6) assigned project tasks to the appropriate team members and (7) prepared for major decisions that will chart the course of your implementation project.

Of course it’s more complex than that, but by addressing these seven key decisions upfront, you can help ease the transition to a new technology solution for your family office.

To help illustrate these decisions, a simple infographic comparing technology implementations to scaling a mountain is featured below:


7 Key Elements of a Successful Technology Implementation Infographic

While we acknowledge that it may be an interesting comparison, the infographic helps define the challenges that lay ahead as you begin investigating new technology.


Download the complete white paper here to understand these decisions and the underlying components that can affect how you make them.

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Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones

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